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Why is it so hard for women to embrace other women?

It’s no secret that sometimes women can be competitive, catty, jealous, and haters when it comes to the way we relate to each other, but why is that? Why is it so hard to pat a sister on the back for a job well done, nice outfit, pretty smile or for being a great mother?

Before I developed into a sister, I would sometimes find myself being envious of other women for any number of reasons from the clothes they wore, to the car they drove, to the “perfect relationship” they had. I wondered, what’s she doing that so special? How can she afford that? How could someone like her get a man like him? The envy played on my self-esteem and I got so caught up in why I didn’t have what other women had, that I completely lost sight of my own blessings and reasons to be grateful.

I didn’t even know the women that I envied, had no idea of their story and was only able to focus on the outside appearance that I could physically see with my eyes. One day I started learning about gratitude and just how powerful the effects of appreciation could be, and it was life changing. I often found out through complimenting other women, that things are not always as they appear…in other words, the grass ain’t always greener.

The wardrobe I admired didn’t belong to the always fashionable woman, but rather to her sister who was a buyer for a high-end department store. I complimented the owner of the shiny BMW about how nice her car was and she confided that she had been parking her car three blocks from her house to avoid the inevitable repo-man. And alas, the perfect relationship that I bore witness to, what was merely a demonstration of infidelity, as the perfect man she adored was married to and living with another woman.

These truths were revealed to me after I decided to compliment women on the things that I was now able to appreciate on their behalf. I realized that if they could have it, what would stop me from having it? I began to understand that if someone has something that I desire, then the mere fact that I see it with my own eyes and desire it with my heart, is confirmation that I can have it as well.

Don’t allow the secret admiration you have for another sister express itself as jealousy, hatred or envy. Please don’t ever forget that there is room at the top for all of us!

It’s no easy task being a woman and sometimes we wear so many hats that we can’t even see straight, but we do it without missing a beat, all while sometimes being hated on in the process! It’s true, we have to work a little harder and be a little better to gain respect and recognition in this man-dominated world. Wouldn’t it be nice to be embraced, encouraged and supported by your own? How about we work a little harder and be a little better at respecting and recognizing our sisters? It can start right now, and it can start with you. I double-dare you to compliment or encourage another woman today; you might be surprised at the benefit you gain from it!


“I just believe that us as women— should not criticize nor pull down other women. And why? Because we’re all just trying our best to be beautiful! We all just want to be loved, we want to be beautiful, we’re all trying to leave our own legacy! The good news is that the universe is unending and that means there is enough space for each woman on earth to leave her own mark and to be her own legacy. To be her own kind of beautiful. So why spend even a second on trying to take away from another woman?”
― C. JoyBell C.

So, what do you think are some of the reasons it’s challenging for women to embrace and celebrate other women?

Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments!

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