Souls Inspiring Sisterlove, Inc., P.O. Box 960571, Riverdale, GA 30296 (678) 956-7SIS (7747)

Our Mission & Vision

Souls Inspiring Sisterlove, Inc. is a nonprofit organization committed to inspiring sisterhood among women worldwide through encouragement, empowerment, and education.

 Our MISSION is to globally support, nurture, and inspire women of all ages – seeing no color or creed; to embrace love, healing, effective communication, unity, compassion, and sisterhood.
Write the VISION:
  • We aim to create conferences that will promote and build the best woman by teaching how to activate self-love and healing.
  • We will provide assistance with health and (physical, mental & emotional) wellness that will strengthen areas of her life that are broken and to foster a positive lifestyle for our sisters and their families .
  • We will join with individuals, organizations, and businesses with the same or similar platform, to serve the community, while making a positive difference.
  • We strive to host annual events that assist women with financial planning, entrepreneurship, home ownership, networking, brand, and wealth building.
We are souls inspiring women to remember that we are all sisters united in love, yet sometimes divided by F.E.A.R. (False Evidence Appearing Real).
Love conquers ALL and sisterhood rules the world!

ALL women’s lives matter… we impact the world!